Trade & Customs Compliance Procedures

Recognised by:ILM & IICM
Duration:2 days
Course date:19 and 26 January 2023

Custom Compliance  :

International trade involves many regulatory requirements, which pose a risk. To manage this risk, it’s important to have effective compliance processes in place. Complying with customs laws and regulations can enhance supply chain security and protect against potential liabilities. This involves understanding rules of origin, customs valuation, tariff classification, import duty, and VAT liabilities. Our training can help you manage your customs compliance and maintain your organization’s reputation.

Custom Procedure:

Using customs procedures, simplifications, and special procedures can bring many benefits to your business, including improved operational efficiency, compliance, and financial performance. They can also help streamline e-commerce flows, enhance import/export opportunities, and maintain a transparent and compliant supply chain. The EU Union Customs Code (UCC) offers new and improved procedures that can be very advantageous for your business if applicable. If you’re interested in learning more, contact Global Trade to discuss what options would be best for your business.

Target Audience

This course is a must for those management and operational personnel working with import/export trade in international markets.


Provide the Exporting or Logistics company with the latest information on International Trade documentation, Customs, VIES & INTRASTAT Procedures.
Understand the Authorised Economic Operator requirements, where lack of approval is very likely to encounter delays by Customs.
Be aware of the major changes concerning Export and Import Control legislation & reporting Systems (ECS/ICS). The Revenue Import Control System is now in Law from 1st January 2011.
Course benefit Assurance
A detailed review of your customs and trade issues will take place with a pre-course questionnaire followed by ongoing telephone support for the month following the course.

Course Certificate will be provided to participants on course completion.

Course Outline
Customs Framework
Customs Classification
Rules of Origin
Value Added Tax (VAT)
Customs Valuation
Customs Audits and Powers
Customs & Foreign Trade Documents
Preferential Origin
Customs Economic Procedures
Calculating Import Duties & Taxes
EU Transit System
Customs Documentation
Import & Export Controls
Authourised Economic Operator (AEO)
Electronic Manifest Systems (EMS)
Union Customs Code
SAD Completion
Brexit Contingency Planning
Review & Questions
Special Offer
A special discount is available (against the tuition fee) of 20% to a second attendee, when booked together four weeks in advance of the course.

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