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Recognised by:ILM & IICM
Duration:1 day
Course Date:TBA

Target Audience

This course is of key benefit to Finance, Credit Management, International Shipping, Customer Services, Order and Account Management personnel. The course provides participants with practical knowledge of Export Documentation required for Letters of Credit which they will then be able to apply in their business to simplify the process.


  • To equip participants with the updated knowledge of essential banking payment processes, important for higher risk markets.
  • To help course participants understand the issues causing discrepancies on presentations to banks for payment.
  • To understand the banking processes and compliance requirements for Documentary Credit and Documentary Collection presentations.
  • To be aware of the structure and format of a Letter of Credit, and the relationships between it and a variety of Commercial & Transportation documents.

Course Benefit Assurance

A detailed review of your Letters of Credit issues will take place, with a pre-course questionnaire followed by ongoing support for one month after the course.

Course Outline

  • Financial risks inherent to exporting
  • International payment criteria
  • Commercial operations
  • Letters of Credit
  • Negotiating contracts
  • Documentary credit style
  • Documents under Letters of Credit
  • Procedures to improve the process
  • Review

Special Offer

A special discount is available (against the tuition fee) of 20% to a second attendee, when booked together four weeks in advance of the course.

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