Corporate Training

Export Edge Training and Business College were awarded Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) Accreditation in 2008. All our QQI programmes are designed to meet the standards set out by QQI in the relevant module description, which also include latest strategic industry sector developments.

Please contact us if you require further information in relation to our accredited programmes.

Export Edge Training are experienced specialists that provide industry with training and consultancy solutions, (including accredited Professional Diploma and Certificate courses), within international trade, credit management payment methods, exporting, logistics, trade finance and trade compliance areas. Having supported in the region of a thousand companies since 1993, we focus on effective principles and practical rules / guidelines to provide international trade solutions.

Export Edge initiated the development of eLearning projects, covering the design and development of web based Documentary Letter of Credit (DC-PRO) training for international banking and export trade, which are currently licensed to over ten thousand users within international banks and trading companies worldwide. Our development partners in DC-PRO are the International Chamber of Commerce, Paris Head Office, Deutsche Bank, London and Coastline Solutions.

Export Edge Training is certified under the FÁS Competency Development Programme to enhance the skills of those in the workplace. These select programmes are part of the FÁS Training for People in Employment Programme. To date over 70 programmes have been certified by FÁS Services to Business under the FÁS Competency Development Programme.

The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) is Europe’s premier awarding body for leadership and management qualifications. It is also a membership organisation for managers and leaders who are keen to develop their talents.

In addition to open courses, we regularly provide customised in-house courses, incorporating pre-course reviews and follow on support. All our “Professional Education” portfolio is available to our clients. The courses can be held in-house or in Export Edge’s training facility at Merrion Square.

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